Mechanical Pull Arena

Lawnmower Racing (ARMA)

Friday, August 9th at 7:00pm
Saturday, August 10th at 1:00pm

LOCATION: Mechanical Pull Arena
lawnmower racing

Demolition Derby

Saturday, August 10th at 6:00pm

LOCATION: Mechanical Pull Arena
Demolition Derby
Sponsored by Woodbooger Demolition Derby of Taunton, MA
For more information and entry form, visit the Woodbooger Demolition Derby site.

Truck Pull

Sunday, August 11th at 12:00pm

LOCATION: Mechanical Pull Arena
truck pull
Presented by the Connecticut Truck Pullers
CLASSES: 5500, 6500 real street, 6500 anything, 7000 enhanced; For diesel: 7000, 8000, 8500 and 9000 open.
Entry forms are located at the lower gate the day of the event; Registration begins at 10am.